Jazz Story

Underground Group at Jazz Story

When you go to the live café Jazz Story, near the Blue House, you can meet a fantastic underground group. They don't have a name. The café even doesn't have a name. But the atmosphere is really good, and the group is so talented. There is not much outside, but lots of things inside. The visitors fill up the café to listen to their music. Everyone comes to life when the music begins. They dance and clap their hands. The group doesn't have a name, but they are quite popular. They take and play song requests. When the live mood of the café heightens, the customers and the band becomes as one. Male vocalist Lee Jae-Heon, female vocalist Kim Min-Kyeng, bassist Kim Jeng-Uk, pianist Go Hyen-Sook, and guitarist Lee Jeng-Chel. They play three sets each night. The live music starts at 8 pm. The second set is at 9:15 pm, and last set is at 10:40 pm. If they receive an encore, they sing more.

Male vocalist Lee Jae-Heon uses his ability to help the other singers. In 1996, he registered his name with the Korea Singers Association. His favorite songs are "Hotel California" by the Eagles, and "Faith" by George Michael. He became an underground singer again so that he can perform everyday for an audience.

Female vocalist Kim Min-Kyeng, was recruited from Daegu by the owner, as she is really famous in Daegu.

Guitarist Lee Jeng-Chel is the manager of Daeny Jeng. Drummer Kim Dae-Yong is from OXEN, a legendary band in GunGuk university.

The owner said she wanted to make a group in which everyone has talent.

The band wants to use No Name as a band name. They also are going to release their own album.

When you visit Jazz Story, you can feel that the music is alive. No lip sinking. That's why people come here.

Bassist Kim Jeng-Uk has been a professional bassist for 13 years and is the oldest member of the band. As the oldest, he helps the members have harmony.

It is impressive that the café is decorated with many musical instruments. The owner decorates and buys them herself.

When you feel moody or want to feel alive, it is a good idea to go to this live café.

Excerpts from Kyung Hyang Worldnet (internet newspaper)